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YWAM DTS Testimony

YWAM DTS Testimony

God is moving in South East Asia. He's changing lives and here's one story.

Joy in the Dung

A Tale of Service and Worship

Nils (18, German) – DTS Outreach, Indonesia

During our DTS outreach, we travelled to a village in Indonesia for a three-day mission. Upon our arrival, the villagers made an unusual request—they needed us to clean 8000 litres of cow dung in three days. We were stunned. For the next three days, our team worked knee-deep in a pit full of dung, starting early each morning and scooping cow faeces with buckets for hours on end. By the end of each day, we were completely covered in dung. The Indonesian heat made the exhausting, smelly work even more challenging.

However, an amazing transformation occurred within our team during those five days. Despite the unpleasant circumstances, we experienced immense joy. We felt like Paul and Silas singing in jail. The situation seemed dire, yet the joy of the Lord descended upon us, and we worshipped throughout our task. We found ourselves enjoying each other’s company and celebrating in God’s presence as we scooped 8000 litres of dung.

This experience taught me that service brings an overflow of joy into our lives. When Jesus leads us into tough situations, if we face them for His glory, we will discover His joy in the midst of whatever He asks us to do.

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