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Healing Testimony

Healing Testimony

A Little Girl's Gift of Hearing

The story of a girl’s brave faith

YWAM in South East Asia

One day, our team gathered at a house in Thailand to worship with the host family. During our time together, we decided to offer prayers for the household. A particularly memorable moment occurred when a mother brought forward her little girl, around 8 years old, who had significant hearing loss—she could hear only 50% in one ear and nothing in the other.

We prayed repeatedly for her healing, but initially, nothing seemed to change. Then, one of our team members felt prompted to encourage the girl to pray for herself. With faith, she asked Jesus to heal her. Immediately after, we tested her hearing, and to our astonishment, she reported hearing perfectly in both ears!

We were all amazed by this miraculous healing. The girl’s life was forever changed, and her family and friends were equally astonished. This experience reaffirmed that God still heals today and can work through anyone willing to be available.